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All you need is health-Testimonials

"In a very short time I noticed a massive improvement with my skin, my overall physical health and my energy level increased significantly!"

All you need is Health -Testimonials

"The symptoms are gone and my quality of life is much better.
Thank you Laura! "

All you need is Health -Testimonials

I had a surgical operation for gallstones and spent the following 6 months having tests and seeing many doctors, as I still had many health issues and pain. Following tests I was finally diagnosed with an auto-immune condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Along with medical treatment, I decided to contact Laura to further support my health.

Following Laura’s help, I now have a complete new diet and to the way I see food, and she gave me lots of practical advices that actually worked.

The symptoms are gone and my quality of life is much better. Thank you Laura! 


Fabrizio M. Fashion Industry


I requested a consultation with Laura because I had been suffering from itchy skin in various part of my body, at any time of the day. I could not understand what was causing it and I couldn’t find a solution.

Laura looked at my current diet and lifestyle, tested me using Kinesiology and gave me a very practical dietary changes and lifestyle recommendations that were easy to follow and implement.

In a very short time I noticed a massive improvement with my skin, my overall physical health and my energy level increased significantly!

I highly recommend to everyone that wishes to truly rebalance their own health and well-being to contact her for a personalised and professional approach.

Thank you Laura for the great passion that you transmit to your clients, I will continue to follow your advice!


Julia B. - Travel Agent


I first visited Laura as I was really keen to asses my relationship with food and seek some professional advice on how I could improve my current dietary habits. I also have 3 children of school age and I was really interested in understanding the changing needs and requirements for the family as a whole.

Laura looked at all the food and supplements I was taking. She gave me some valuable pointers with immediate effect which changed the way I shopped and prepared my food.

Laura's skill is seeing her clients from a holistic perspective, which I feel is greatly missing in the industry. She continues to educate me about the benefits of essential oils and complimentary therapies and how they can play an important role in the way we live.

I have always been interested in health and nutrition and therefore have a solid understanding in my own requirements, but with her extensive knowledge, Laura was able to build up this to a point where I currently feel confident about the choices I make and the way I live.

Having worked with Laura for a while now, I have a far more positive and holistic approach to nutrition and health. She is a great role model and ambassador for the industry and continues to be a great support for myself and my busy family


Antonia B. -  Writer



I consulted Laura when I was going through some hormonal changes due to the menopause; I had low mood and very little energy feeling tired and aching most times.

Although I already had a basic knowledge of my dietary requirements, Laura gave me a better and fuller understanding of how the body assimilates food and helped me to find the right supplements for me.

She suggested cutting out refined sugar and increase the consumption of vegetables and recommended taking a good strain of probiotics to support my gut health, explaining the link why I have been suffering from allergies on and off most of my life.

To help dealing with my anxiety she also suggested taking specific Bach Flowers and gave me some Reiki session and although being sceptical at first, after a few weeks my anxiety attacks significantly improved!

Following Laura’s help, my energy level increased and my mood is lifted.

Laura is very professional and passionate about her work and has a natural inclination to understand people’s needs. She is very discreet and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help to heal body and mind though a different approach toward nutrition or simply would like advice on how to improve their diet

Greta D. - Accountant

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